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HERStory #2 Felicity: I want to be a role model for the girls in my community

Ever since Felicity was a little girl, she has dreamed of becoming a teacher and a role model of her community in Humjibre. She earned her diploma in Basic Education from the University of Cape Coast. Now, she is a teacher of GHEI's Early Childhood Literacy (ECL) program supporting over 100 students and inspiring more local girls in her own ways.

This is her story. In celebration of her birthday today, Felicity shared her journey with GHEI and her experience with girls' education and empowerment with me.

Felicity joined in our Youth Education Program (YEP) in 2004 as a member of the first cohort. She was also a beneficiary of the Scholarship Program to complete her senior high school education. Felicity was very grateful for GHEI's support and wanted to give back to the community. Hence, she came back to Humjibre and become a teacher at GHEI.

She is a firm believer in girls' education and has always encouraged her students to continue their education whenever possible and dream big. Therefore, Felicity has promoted the Girls' Empowerment Camp program to many local girls who are about to go to senior high schools. The program provides a platform for the girls to interact with GHEI summer volunteers from all over the world and learn about different cultures and topics.

Felicity is proud of her profession and looks forward to share her experience and struggles with more girls in the community aiming to support them to achieve their dreams.

Want to empower and support more girls like Filecity to fulfill their dreams?

Check out our HERS Initiative!

Join in our Summer Serve and Learn Volunteer Programs!

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