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HERStory#1 Vida: I want to study abroad and become a journalist

Vida, a current member of our Youth Education Program (YEP) Form 3, spoke with me after her English class about her thoughts on education and future career plans.

1. Do you enjoy your YEP class and why?

Yes, I enjoy come to the YEP class at GHEI compound after school. It helps me improve my English and prepare me well for my Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE). If I do well in BECE, I can go to a great senior high school and continue to further my education.

2. Why it is important for girls to go to school?

Yes. It is very important to empower girls through education. Attending the YEP after school has been a life-changing experience for many girls in Humjibre. In our community, girls are expected to stay at home and do chores. Then, many of us cannot or won’t go to school and, unfortunately, have a higher chance to become teen mothers. If more girls stay in school, they will learn more knowledge and have more options in life.

3. What has been your experience with YEP?

I was very lucky that my parents are very supportive of me attending the YEP class. My older sister, my role model, was a member of the YEP and a beneficiary of the Youth Learning Tour in 2015. GHEI took her to Cape Coast Castle and supported her get into a great senior high school. She is about to go to college this year. So, I did not have to persuade my parents to join in the YEP. They understand the value of investing in my education and future.

4. What is your future career plan?

I believe education can change my life positively. I want to go to the UK or the US for college. I hope to see the world outside of Humjibre although I have never left my village yet. My parents think I will be a good solider in the military. But, I aspire to become a journalist. I want to meet different people, visit different countries, write about my experiences, and share them with others in my community and the world.

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