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Youth Education 

Youth Education Program

GHEI’s Youth Education Program (YEP) offers supplemental classes to top performing junior high school students. These classes have a significantly smaller student to teacher ratio than the students’ regular schools, a variety of materials and resources that are not commonly available, and focus on fostering active learning and critical thinking skills while helping students prepare for their critical Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE). The BECE is the main examination used to give students admission into secondary (senior high) or vocational school. YEP classes cover students’ core subjects, which are the focus of the BECE as well: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Information Communication Technology.

From 2001-2015 in Humjibre, there has been...
88% increase
in BECE* pass rates
84% increase
in BECE* pass rates for girls

* The Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) is the main examination used to give students admission into secondary (senior high) or vocational school.

The intensive Youth Education Program has proven to be highly effective. In the five year period from 2009-2013, nearly two out of three of the YEP students achieved the most distinguished high pass, in comparison with one in five students at the district level. While this is already an extraordinary gain, it actually underestimates the power of YEP. Humjibre is a small village where sudents start at a relative disadvantage, even within their own district.

Youth Learning Tour


Every year our students travel on the Youth Learning Tour excursion to a significant area of Ghana where they tour various historical sites, industries and educational institutions. While our students have learned about many of these sites and institutions from their textbooks, for many, the Youth Learning Tour excursion is the furthest they have ever travelled from Humjibre. Students return from the excursion with a brand new passion for their country and their studies.

YEP students on the Youth Learning Tour to the Cape Coast Castle, March 2015.

Career Opportunity Lecture Series (COLS)


GHEI’s Career Opportunity Lecture Series invites role models to address junior high school students - informing them on possible career paths and encouraging them to set goals and continue their education. Past speakers have included local entrepreneurs, fire service personnel, bank managers, doctors, and female teachers and politicians. The COLS also advises students on senior high school programs and admissions.

Tutoring Center

Open three evenings a week to all junior high school students in Humjibre, the GHEI Tutoring Center works with local school authorities to supplement students’ regular curriculum and identify priority subjects areas to focus on. The center also offers students practice test questions and one-on-one help in preparing for the critical Basic Educational Certificate Examination. To encourage greater female participation, GHEI sets aside one night per week as Ladies’ Night, allowing female students a comfortable forum to study.

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