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Mother Mentor with program participants.

Health Programs

The healthy future of a community depends on the health of its children and their mothers, who are guardians of that future. We believe that all mothers and their children deserve to have basic information, medical support, and care to ensure safe deliveries and protection from preventable diseases.
Since its inception, GHEI has established a range of community-based health programs to benefit rural communities in Ghana. Our health programs focus on preventing malaria, enhancing sanitation and hygiene standards, improving the health outcomes of first-time mothers and their babies, and promoting early childhood stimulation through a peer-to-peer support system between first-time mothers and mentors in the community.

Our Programs

Mother Mentor for Child Development Program (MMCD)

We are investing in the first 1000 days of a child’s life from conception through age 2 — when the right nutrition and health interventions can have life-altering implications on a child’s ability to grow physically and mentally.
Health Facility Delivery Incentive Program (HFDIP)

We are reversing the trends in maternal mortality by ensuring pregnant women can access health care facilities safely, conveniently and confidently.  

Creating Healthier Rural Communities in Ghana

“I believe when children are six months old, they need toys, picture books to stimulate their mind. Parents need to spend time with their children during the early years. Unfortunately, in our community there is a lack of both awareness and resources that affect development in first-time mothers and their children negatively. However, GHEI and its partners are bringing empowering change through their health programs, such as the Mother Mentor for Child Development initiative.

By highlighting the importance of good nutrition, early childhood stimulation and providing resources to first-time mothers, your effort has brought positive change for so many families. It has provided space for the mother and the child to express themselves freely, play and learn together. The project is inspiring other community members as well. Overall, I am witnessing that parents in the community are better informed about their role and it is helping to fight poverty.


Your investment in the health of our children is not only ensuring a brighter future for this community but Ghana. I support your vision and I am confident that the initiative will bring prosperity and success to my country.” 


~ Queen Mother of Humjibre Community, Ghana

Queen Mother of Humjibre Community, Ghana

Pregnancy must not be dangerous for a woman. Equally, it should not threaten her newborn, who may be vulnerable to numerous preventable diseases.


Our approach is founded on evidence and community-based practices that address the primary causes of mother and child illness. We know what works and we’ve built a strong foundation for our efforts to provide life-saving health information, training, and care for families. Together, let’s ensure the joys of motherhood and childhood in rural Ghana. 

Unlock a Child's Potential

With your donation, you are working together with GHEI to improve health outcomes in rural Ghana. 

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