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Health program participants and her newborn.

Mother Mentor for Child Development

Pregnancy and birth are the first of many decisive life events that shape health outcomes within the course of an individual’s lifetime. Unfortunately in rural communities like Humjibre, there are few healthcare facilities and a lack of critical health infrastructure. Consequently, women and newborns are the most vulnerable to health problems.

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To thrive, young children need cognitive stimulation, good nutrition, and an absence of recurrent infections. However, stunting, malaria, diarrheal infections and financial burdens often lead to poor health outcomes in mothers and young children, prohibiting the full cognitive development of children. Pregnant women face many barriers that prevent them from having a healthy pregnancy, such as not getting the essential nutrients, like iron and iodine, or experiencing recurring infections caused by poor water quality.

To overcome these barriers and give first-time mothers the tools they need to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, our Mother Mentor for Child Development Program (MMCD) pairs first-time pregnant women with trusted mothers in Humjibre who serve as “Mother Mentors.” The mentors work with the participating mothers and their families from pregnancy through the first two years of the child’s life to maximize its health and development. Providing mothers and families with individualized support, education and vital resources ensure that their child thrives.

About the Program

MMCD is divided into three distinct phases. Throughout these phases, regular guidance and counseling are delivered, a supply of essential nutritional supplements is provided to the mother and her child, sanitation and hygiene facilities are built in the household and early childhood cognitive development is promoted by creating a stimulating home environment for the child.

Phase 1

This phase focuses on supporting the mother through the period of pregnancy and lasts until the child is born.

Phase 2

This phase begins with the birth of the child. Apart from ensuring the mother’s well-being, the focus now also includes the health and development of the infant.

Phase 3

When the child is six months old, our focus widens to promote early childhood cognitive stimulation in addition to the ongoing health component.

Sparking a Child’s Imagination

“During the day, I make sure I take out time to read to Hilda. She loves listening to stories and I encourage her to ask questions. I also read aloud together with her. I am trying to make reading a regular part of her life. She likes to guide my hand towards pictures and saying names aloud. I am happy that she is learning and improving. 

Two years ago, when I got pregnant with Hilda, I did not know the importance of reading to my child. I am extremely glad, and I feel lucky to have participated in the program. Mother mentors regularly visited my house and we spent time with Hilda together.

Betty and Hilda from Humjibre, Ghana

I saw how happy and excited she would be when we are singing or reading. The interaction with mother mentors was extremely useful and it informed me about new ways I can engage with my daughter and keep her happy. 

Today, I am confident and positive about Hilda’s future. She is a bright girl and I know that she will achieve whatever she wants and become successful in life. Thank you for everything!”


~ Betty (Participant in the MMCD Program)

Mother Mentor with Betty and Hilda

We believe that every child deserves a healthy start in life and every mother should have access to quality healthcare. Their health and well-being have a far-reaching impact on families and communities.


Consider assisting families like Betty and Hilda by becoming a supporter of the program. Your donation will help us expand our reach by including more mother-baby pairs!

Unlock a Child's Potential

With your donation, you are working together with GHEI to improve health outcomes in rural Ghana. 

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