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Education Programs

We are passionate about unlocking a child’s potential! GHEI develops programs that encourage educational attainment among young children in our communities. Since 2003, our education programs have helped children achieve their literacy goals, enabled them to think critically and fostered leadership skills. Educational attainment among youth is critical to alleviating poverty. As such, we are continually looking for ways to empower youth with necessary resources and support.

Our Programs

Youth Education Program (YEP)
Inadequate infrastructure and learning materials hinder the academic performance of young children in Humjibre and negatively impact future possibilities. YEP addresses these challenges by improving the quality of education for junior high school students, enabling them to attend senior high school and create better opportunities in life!
Early Childhood Literacy Program (ECL)

Low-performing primary school students are often not seen as worthy investments and begin to be neglected by their teachers and parents. ECL provides extra classroom hours of individualized instruction to these students, incorporating engaging learning methods that include word walls and culturally adapted phonics to build literacy skills.
Sexual Education and Reproductive Health (SEaRcH)

Teenage pregnancy and early motherhood are serious obstacles to female empowerment in our community. Through SEaRcH, we deliver comprehensive workshops on sexual education and reproductive health to young girls in Humjibre, helping them navigate through challenges they face growing up and into adulthood.
Career Opportunity Lecture Series (COLS) 

The absence of proper career guidance contributes to a lack of readiness for higher education among junior high school students in our communities. Our Career Opportunity Lecture Series invites role models to address junior high school students - informing them on possible career paths, encouraging students to set goals and continue their education.


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Children have graduated from Education Programs since 2005

Health and Education Resources for Success (HERS)
Empowering Ghana’s Next Female Leaders

In Ghana, girls and young women are faced with cultural, social, political and economic challenges that make their pathway out of poverty and into empowerment all the more challenging.

HERS is our girls-first initiative focused on female empowerment, to ensure that girls and young women have the same opportunities as boys and young men. Through HERS we work to improve educational opportunities for girls by helping them pursue their goals, while demonstrating to parents and the community that girls are not only worth the investment, but that they have a right to it!

To lower the education gap between boys and girls, 60% of students enrolled in ECL and YEP are female!

Junior high school girls in Humjibre, Ghana

Unlock a Child's Potential

With your donation, you are working together with GHEI to improve the quality of education in rural Ghana.

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