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HERSupporter#4 Bright: Girls are as capable as boys

Mr. Obeng Dainel Bright, a volunteer teacher at GHEI, has been teaching social studies for our Youth Education Program (YEP) since 2016. Bright comes from a family of teachers and works in a private junior high school in Humjibre since 2012. His desire of giving back to the community and helping his own people motivated him to volunteer at GHEI.

Bright loves to teach all YEP students and aims to support them to advance their education. Although the old-fashioned opinion believes a woman's place should only be in the kitchen, Bright said more and more parents understood the importance of education and sent their daughters to school. He thinks girls' education is very important not only for the Humjibre community but also for the nation because "when you educate a woman, you educate more than just one person."

Moreover, Bright tried his best to encourage girls to stay in school and empower them with knowledge and practical skills. For example, when he noticed that one of his students, Abigail, missed several YEP classes, he asked her the reasons of her absence. Abigail told Bright that her mother wanted her to stay at home and helped with cooking and cleaning. If Abigail refused to do so, she could not have dinner at home. So, Bright visited Abigail's mother and explained the long-term benefits of supporting her daughter to stay in school. Thereafter, Abigail was able to attend the YEP and continue her education.

Bright aspires to be a headmaster and manages his own school. He said, "If I have daughters in the future, they are all definitely going to school. And I will support them to pursue their dreams.

Want to support more selfless educators like Bright and empower more girls?

Check out our HERS Initiative!

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