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HERStory#7  Jennifer: I want to be a journalist

Jennifer is a form 1 student of our Youth Education Program (YEP). We talked about her YEP experience and dream career right before her social science class.

1. Do you enjoy your YEP class and why?

Yes. Sometimes, I struggle with math at school. YEP class helps me understand class material better and enables me to excel the exams. If possible, I hope to stay in YEP for three years.

2. Why it is important for girls to go to school?

I learned from school that "when you educate a girl, you educate a nation". I am still trying to fully understand this statement. However, from my personal experience and my observation of the community, I know when girls go to school, we have more choices in life and don't have to be a teen mother. All my sisters are in school, and we have big dreams.

3. What is your future career plan?

I aspire to be a journalist in the future because many of my friends also want to work as journalists. I am a proactive person who enjoys writing and talking to people. So, I am pretty happy with my future career plan for now.

Want to empower and support more girls like Jennifer to fulfill their dreams?

Check out our HERS Initiative!

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