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HERStory#5 Jemimah: I love helping people and dream to be a nurse

Jemimah joined our Youth Education Program (YEP) in September, 2018. She told me about her YEP experience and dream career right before her English class.

1. Do you enjoy your YEP class and why?

Yes. I enjoy my YEP class very much. GHEI teachers make complicated topics easy to understand and help me excel in exams. Now, my favorite subject is math because I am good at it.

2. Why it is important for girls to go to school?

Well-educated girls with decent work can help Ghana develop faster since we also contribute to the national economy and our families. When girls go to school and take our education seriously, we have a higher chance to be in charge of our own lives. My parents are very supportive of our education. So, all of my siblings are in school now.

3. What is your future career plan?

I want to go to a famous university to study statistics. However, I hope to work as a nurse in the future because I love helping people and taking care of them. I don't know how my knowledge of statistics will make me a qualified nurse. But, I will figure that out later in life. Now, I will focus on studying hard and getting into a great senior high school.

Want to empower and support more girls like Jemimah to fulfill their dreams?

Check out our HERS Initiative!

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