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HERStory#3 Mercy: I aspire to be a civil engineer in the future

Mercy is a student of the our Youth Education Program (YEP) form 1 since September, 2018. We had a great conversation about her YEP experience and future plans before her social studies class.

1. Do you enjoy your YEP class and why?

Yes I do. The YEP class helps me perform better in school and gain a better understanding of the knowledge. GHHI teachers explain the material much clearer and more in-depth. I hope to go to great senior high school after attending YEP for three years.

2. Why it is important for girls to go to school?

When girls go to school and get educated, we will suffer less in the future. Good education and stable jobs enable girls to be independent and earn respect in their family and in society. Well-educated mothers will support their daughters to go to school. Fortunately, my parents encourage all my siblings and I to go to school because it might be our only chance to pursue a better life. I feel very empowered to stay in school and go to the YEP class instead of cooking in the kitchen during daytime. Sometimes, I also go to the Community Library to study and read books.

3. What is your future career plan?

I am good at math and English. Therefore, I hope to go to a famous university to study science and math and become a civil engineering. I want to improve the infrastructure of Humjibre by building better roads and constructing efficient water supply systems for my people.

Want to empower and support more girls like Mercy to fulfill their dreams?

Check out our HERS Initiative!

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