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GHEI started its Scholarship Program in 2005. Like children everywhere, students from our communities are eager to learn. However in Ghana, the opportunity to attend high school was neither universal nor affordable. By giving the gift of a scholarship to a motivated student, we opened the door for further education and advanced career options. In 2017, the Ghanaian government announced a new policy in which they will be covering the cost of tuition for public secondary schools (senior high schools) for all Ghanaian students. As such, GHEI has decided to move away from providing scholarships to students to attend public secondary schools and we will continue focusing our efforts on other critical areas, such as girls education and empowerment. We will also be working even harder to serve more youth through our existing education Early Childhood Literacy and Youth Education programs and bringing in more students to our tutoring center and library. 

Since the Scholarship Program began in 2005 until 2017...


scholarships have been awarded
97% of scholarship recipients completed secondary schooling 
1 in 3 scholarship recipients continued on to tertiary level education 

Many scholarship recipients have returned to be volunteer teachers with GHEI to give back and inspire the younger generation to excel. Past and present scholarship recipents have also participated in our Scholarship Student Association, which meets when students are home during school breaks, and has been known to complete service projects for the benefit of their community.

Scholarship Spotlight: Alfred Appiah

Alfred Appiah is a former scholarship recipient and a current GHEI Board Member, who is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.


"The GHEI Scholarship has really transformed my life for good. Coming from a very poor family background, the [senior high school] scholarship has helped me to realize my dream of getting into university, which will help me take up every career opportunity. I always wanted to further my education after junior high school but it seemed impossible until the emergence of the GHEI scholarship. I know that it has not only transformed my life but the lives of all of the other beneficiaries. I want to use this opportunity to thank GHEI and our wonderful donors for enabling us to reach our potentials.


'Ayekoo!' (Well done) to our donors"

Vocational Apprenticeship Programs


To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the Scholarship Program, in 2015 GHEI began offering scholarships for vocational apprenticeship programs in addition to academic scholarships. Vocational apprenticeship programs offer a course of education for talented students outside of the traditional classroom setting. By completing a vocational apprenticeship students are well-equipped to begin earning a sustainable income and contributing to their community.


GHEI vocational apprenticeships focus on providing students with opportunities to acquire skills that are in the highest demand in our community, and will be closely monitored through visits and verbal reports from our partner master craftsmen.

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