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Mother Mentor Program for Child Development

In order to thrive, young children need cognitive stimulation, good nutrition, and an absence of recurrent infections. In our communities, however, stunting, malaria and diarrheal infections, and financial burdens often lead to poor health outcomes in mothers and young children, prohibiting the full cognitive development of children.

1 in 3

pregnant woman 

1 in 5

young children 

Do not sleep under a bednet every night

In our communities...

Pregnant women face many barriers that prevent them from having a healthy pregnancy, such as not getting the essential nutrients, like iron and iodine, or experiencing recurring infections caused by poor water quality. Their mental health, including their stress levels, can also suffer as they often continue their regular workload during pregnancy. Altogether, these challenges inhibit pregnant women from having a healthy pregnancy ultimately affecting the health and development of the babies.

To overcome these barriers and give first-time mothers the tools they need to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, GHEI - through the Mother Mentor Program for Child Development - pairs them with “mother mentors” who provide ongoing education and support. These mentors are trusted mothers from the community who are trained by GHEI in all aspects of pregnancy, delivery, newborn care, and cognitive development.


The mentors conduct home visits and facilitate group sessions with participants and their families throughout the pregnancy and until the child is two years old. Through these visits, the mentors educate the mothers and families on best practices to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


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