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Early Childhood Stimulation

A main goal of GHEI’s Mother Mentor program is improving the development of very young children. Children in our program begin to receive house visits focused on training parents to stimulate their babies and providing resources at 6 months of age. House visits and playgroups continue until the baby graduates from our program at 2 years old.  


Session Dates

June 5 - June 20, 2020



Humjibre, Ghana


Program Cost



Program Duration

16 Days





Fields of Work

Child Care & Development, 

Curriculum Design, 

Poverty Alleviation

 Application Period for 2020 is now open

Our 2016 baseline data revealed that nearly 60% of children aged between 12 to 23 months old were delayed in at least one domain of development and 42% were delayed in at least one language domain.  

Impact of GHEI's Early Childhood Stimulation 


100% of children in our program show no delay at all


We have also found that 

parents engage more often 

with their young children


They have an increased

variety of books and play-things available to them. 


However, there is an unmet need for playgroups, as they are

currently infrequent, and have the potential to greatly strengthen

the interaction between mothers and our program in general. With your help, we will be able to remarkably increase the frequency of our engagement with the children and thereby achieve better results.

The Work We Will Do

Participants in this session will  help us to augment our year-round home visits with a robust new playgroup based curriculum, that we hope can be offered to parents in our program annually during future summers.


Participants will promote stimulation through reading, singing, playing and other methods appropriate for children age 6-24 months, primarily in small group format with babies and their mothers. They will work with local staff to finalize sessions and lead several modules designed to promote development. They will also have the opportunity to observe our mother mentors doing their home visits.


Serve As You Grow

As this is the first time we are offering this session and augmenting our year-round program in this way, program participants will play a pivotal role in documenting the sessions, troubleshooting any issues, and working to improve the modules for the future.

Participants will gain an intimate knowledge of the implementation of programs in a rural, low-resource setting.

Learn what it takes to overcome barriers and unforeseen complications during execution.

Gain knowledge of child development and stimulation techniques for better health.

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